Anything, Anytime, Anywhere

The bathroom started to shake and I heard a loud boom. The windows sounded like they were breaking. Did a plane hit my building? Then the rumbling continued, the paintings shook and stuff started falling off the shelves. An earthquake?!? But, I’m in Virginia!!!

How to Survive Irene

Or Any Hurricane for That Matter!

The Outer Banks vacation just got put on hold. Damn, I’ve been planning this all summer. Wonder if we should just go ahead and go….humm. Ken says it’s not worth getting stuck in a hurricane

The Garden Spot with Hannah Scott: Dividing Bearded Iris

If you’re like me, you love the tall elegance and the wow factor of the super-large bloom of the Bearded Iris. A pretty girl, but also high maintenance to keep her bloom at her fullest

The Garden Spot with Hannah Scott: Watering

I’m in a quandary here – I love a lush garden but I’m also very concerned about the environment and groundwater depletion. Half of our nation relies on groundwater for drinking.

The Garden Spot with Hannah Scott: Aphids

Don’t Like ‘Em, Don’t Want ‘Em

Here’s a description of these bugs (similar to any plot of any alien blockbuster movie out in summer…) they’re green – mostly – more on that,

The Garden Spot with Hannah Scott

Climbing Vines

As you design your garden this summer, don’t forget to incorporate climbing vines, especially if you are going for that English country garden look.  Plus a few of my favorites have fragrances that really scream summer for me and I can’t live without.

The “Greener” Side of Fashion

“Go Green.” The trend that was coined to spark a renewed interest in protecting our planet seems to have been turned into a verb. Recycle this, carpool here, reuse that. But applied to the designer clothes we love?

The Garden Spot with Hannah Scott

Heirloom Tomatoes

The recents stars in the produce world, heirloom tomatoes are vibrant with flavors intense and juicy that gourmands all over have gone wild for. Unfortunately, available mostly organic or at farmers markets in the summer, they are pricey. But not if you grow your own.

5 Easy Ways to Go Green

The older I get, the more I learn about the situation, the more inspired I am to go greener.  This is one time when little shifts over a multitude of people really can do a world of good, especially now with Earth Day approaching on April 22nd! 

Simply Mud – And Learning to Slow Down

I came to gardening recently and find that living in a busy city, just a small patch of garden changes my pace of life.

Green Dry Cleaners are the Way to Go

Because of a chemical known as perc (perchloroethylene) used by most dry cleaners to remove dirt and stain, you are being exposed to a toxic chemical that has been linked to kidney and liver damage and has caused cancer in laboratory rats. 

Green Pets

If we don’t want to have a dog’s chance of saving this planet we’ll keep going the way we are. But if we want to play our part, then our dogs and cats need to go green too. Did you know that 2 million TONS of cat litter is sent to landfills every year?