The Star Cruncher: Your June Forcast

Four Grand Trines in June and July

The theme of these astrological events is an overall feeling of well-being, abundance and opportunity. The Grand Trine is Saturn in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces trine a succession of four different planets in Cancer.

The Star Cruncher: Your May Forecast

New Moon Solar Eclipse May 9th
An unusual occurrence of three eclipses within five weeks sets us up for an eventful May signifying a turning point for each of us on an individual level.

The Star Cruncher: Your April Forecast

New Moon April 10th, Full Moon April 25th

New Moon in Aries kicks off Spring with the fire and excitement of active Aries. Get ready to be inspired. Full Moon falls in Scorpio this month bringing us soulfulness and a deep yearning for uncovering the unknown.

The Star Cruncher: Your March Forecast

Mercury Retrograde through March 17th

Mercury is still traveling backward beckoning us into inner reflection. On March 17th, it turns direct and begins to retrace its recent path. Reflect on what has occurred for you and what you have learned

The Star Cruncher: Your February Forecast

Mercury Retrograde starts February 23rd

Mercury travels backward in the sky for about 3 weeks. Prepare ahead. Sign contracts and begin new projects beforehand. When Mercury retrogrades we experience miscommunication,

The Star Cruncher: Your January Forecast

Happy New Year 2013! January 2013 begins with promise and idealism.

The Star Cruncher: Your December Forecast

December 21st 2012 – A New Beginning

This famous date marks the end of the Mayan Calendar. Many indigenous tribes around the world believe this date signals the end of a 13,000 year male-dominated society and heralds the beginning of 13,000 years of a female-oriented reign.

The Star Cruncher: Your November Forecast

Mercury Goes Retrograde

November brings big change, upheaval, creativity, delays. This month opens with Mercury Retrograde beginning on November 6th, election night! Retrograde Mercury sets the stage for delays and miscommunication

The Star Cruncher: Your October Forecast

Saturn Enters Scorpio!

After 2½ years in Libra, Saturn begins a new journey in the emotional, intense, fixed sign of Scorpio.

StarSense: To The Tune Of Neptune

Recently I received an email from a flustered friend asking if there was some “Neptune stuff” happening with the astrological influences. The following is my reply:

The Star Cruncher: Your September Forecast

September is a month to be aware and take notice of the events on the world stage. Uranus and Pluto are in a powerful square that has been in effect for months. This square is coming into exact aspect

The Star Cruncher: Your August Forecast

“Once in a blue moon” is happening this month. A Blue Moon is the second full moon in any given calendar month. August 31st will be our proverbial “Blue Moon.” (The next Blue Moon is July 2015!)