Movies to Rent for Valentine’s Day

Here’s a mix of movies that are perfect for Valentine’s Day!


Movie Review: Her

Landing in the genre of soft sci-fi, Spike Jonze’s latest offering goes wide today with outstanding word of mouth giving it momentum. Set in the not too distant future of Los Angeles, the film, through Jonze’s idealized yet smoggy lens, opens much like a lotus, “the most beautiful flower, whose petals open one by one…

American Hustle Review

Expectations were high for this impeccable ensemble cast of Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Renner, and none of them fail. This entertaining comedy takes a 70′s political scandal and gives it romping life in the irrisistable hands of director/writer David O. Russell.

Summer Movies You Can’t Miss

Summer is always the time of blockbusters, romcoms and quirky little independents. Here’s the most anticipated releases of 2013:

Behind the Candelabra: One Word Review…Loved

If the music, the wardrobe and the haircuts don’t get you laughing, then the spectacular performances by Matt Damon, Michael Douglas, Dan Aykroyd and Rob Lowe will. Douglas delivers as Liberace, the classically trained, bedazzled pianist who knew how to give good show

5 War Movies for Chicks (Yes, Chicks!)

Celebrate Memorial Day with Movie Night

War is hell, and for us chicks, watching war movies with our guy can be hell too.  So if you want to cozy up next to him this weekend and pay homage to the men and women who have so bravely protected our country,

The Not-So Great Gatsby

This is the role that Leonardo DiCaprio was born to play.

At 38, he finally has matured enough to play 32, the age of Jay Gatsby in our story.

Skyfall Review

If you’re a fan of the Bond movies, then this may prove to be your favorite yet. Many of the classic traits of a Bond movie prevail–superlative opening action sequences; beautiful cinematography in opulent, exotic locales; a hot James stripped in a literally steamy scene with the new Bond girl;

Fanged, Feral and Fabulous

Humanity has always been frightened but spellbound by the allure of darkness, and no mystical creature is as infamous and widespread as the terrifying vampire. From Vladmir Tepes to Dracula to Count Chocula and Edward Cullen

TUNE IN ALERT: A Killer Among Us

From Katherine Fugate–The Writer of Valentine’s Day and Army Wives

This Saturday a very special story is being told, not only because it’s based on real events but because the story has haunted Hollywood writer Katherine Fugate for years, and finally it will see the light of day.

Strawberry Summer

Catch The TV Movie This Weekend!

Summer’s last hurrah comes from the Hallmark Movie Channel with a happy slice of romance pie set against the backdrop of a small town strawberry festival. 

Top Hollywood Heartthrobs Under 25 Gallery

Move over Leonardo DiCaprio, this new crop of Millennials are hitting Hollywood hard. From TV, to indie films, to major blockbusters, these are the hottest young leading men with the talent to back the good looks.