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Reflections on the Ongoing Protests in Turkey:

On Friday May 31st, I glanced at the posts on my Facebook account and saw that there were some references to protests in Istanbul’s Taksim Square

The 2013 Presidential Inauguration Part 2: There and Back Again

On January 17, 2013, 11:30 a.m., every American turned on their TV’s and settled in to watch the second swearing in of President Barrack Obama. But not me. No TV screen for me; I witnessed the entire thing first hand.

The 2013 Presidential Inauguration Part 1: Hopes and Dreams

In 2012, President Barrack Obama was re-elected, to the relief of many democrats. Soon afterward, I received a call from my friend asking if I would like to go with her (and her family) to the Inauguration and Inaugural Ball. Of course I jumped at the opportunity!

Schadenfreude is Now Coming Out of the Woodwork

And I don’t just mean the emotion.

Genetically Modified Food: Seeds of Sickness, Part 1

In light of yesterday’s rejection by California voters for genetically modified food labels, in part by scare tactics that food prices would go up by companies who this law wouldn’t benefit had it passes and in part by lack of ready information for the consumer, here’s some valuable information on the subject.

Women Get Your Vote On

Where to Vote & Get Your Election Coverage Via Facebook

Just a friendly reminder to all women to get out and vote because apparently that’s what we do–more so than men. According to the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University, there are clear

Social Trash Talk

We’ve all seen it–name calling on social media sites–but who is doing it? And when is it most prevalent?

National Voter Registration Day

It’s yours–a voice, a vote. Are you registered? If not, do it today.

National Voter Registration Day is “a broad-based, nonpartisan effort to turn Tuesday, Sept. 25, into a national day of action and push people to register to vote before it’s too late for the November election.”

Labor Day: Changing Our Attitudes

Alan Uke on Huff Po writes about Labor Day…

“125 years ago, the very first labor day holiday was celebrated in the state of Oregon. Seven years after that, in 1894, it became a national holiday, born on the back of the burgeoning labor movement

Women, It’s Time To Use Your Voice

Your Body Depends On It

I have never ventured to write anything political. I have wanted to stay out of that arena. But I can’t let fear keep me back anymore. I am a woman. I have a voice. And it’s time for me to use it. I can’t sit back anymore and watch what’s slowly happening in our country.

Tolerance is the New Prejudice

I was on a plane recently and due to my fear of flying freak-outs, I usually drink several tiny bottles of alcoholic anything and try to find the funniest movie I can pluck from the Virgin America menu thereby diluting my anxiety.

Speak For Survival

A coherent language is what separates humanity from all other life on Earth. This ability to communicate our ideas, needs, and desires allows us to flourish and to share our thoughts with anyone we choose. Without it, we would be no more than base creatures, shivering in the cold and beating our prey with wooden clubs.