Kindle Unlimited: A Library-To-Go

Attention, fellow readaholics! How much money do you spend each year paying for novels? What if you could access hundreds of thousands of them for only $10 a month? Sounds like your library just got a whole lot bigger, sister. It’s time to feed that inner bookworm properly…

iBeacon: Apple’s New Indoor Tour Guide

Have you ever walked into a superstore on a Saturday afternoon in hopes to find that last minute gift for a friend with just minutes to spare? I mean you’ve literally given yourself enough time to find parking, navigate through the maze of carts and chaos, search for the gift, grab something else instead

Scanadu Scout – A Lifeline in Your Pocket

Any time you show up to a hospital, one of the first things you encounter is a nurse who’s armed and ready to check your vital signs? You know the drill: “Roll up your sleeve,” “How are you feeling?,” “Are you taking any medications?” “Take a deep breath,” etc. We LOVE our nurses and doctors. But would you feel safer knowing that you had a gadget to check your vitals on hand in case of an emergency?

Reduce Your Electricity Bills

Are you spending too much money on electricity? If you’re leaving your household electronics plugged in (TV, refrigerator, coffee maker, washer, dryer, etc.) you are paying for their use when you aren’t using them at all. Why spend all day working to pay an electric company that’s charging you

Fight Diabetes with Google Smart Lenses

Do you or someone you know struggle with diabetes? According to the International Diabetes Federation, approximately 24 million people live with diabetes in the U.S. alone.

Sunrise Calendar App

This year, don’t be a victim of the unorganized chaos surrounding your ever growing schedule. It’s 2014 girl and it’s time to let your calendar work for you.

Chromecast Review

For the low $35 price point, every home that doesn’t already have Apple TV or Roku or should consider one, or maybe even purchase one for use with another TV set. There are a few differences between the devices that may affect your choice, depending upon your needs, and here’s an overview:

Honeymoon in Space?

With the holiday season just over, it’s safe to say that many of you probably aren’t occupying yourselves with thoughts of ideal travel destinations to pursue this upcoming year; however, that doesn’t mean you aren’t an avid thrill seekers (or newly engaged) looking to capture sights unseen. And for you, that out of this world adventure you’ve been looking for just may be around the corner

Is Siri Jealous of “Her”?

Leave it up to the smart people at Apple to poke a little fun at themselves and the movie “Her”. In Spike Jonze’s new film starring Joaquin Phoenix as depressed Theodore Twombly, the film has Theodore admitting his eternal love to the artificial intelligent voice (Scarlett Johansson) named “Samantha” inside his new smartphone.

Biohacking vs. Anti-Chipping: Let’s Flip On It

I can remember riding in the back of my mom’s car one afternoon when I was around 9-years-old. I’d mentioned to her that my classmate just got a computer and asked her if I would ever get to have one. She replied that there was really no point in me having one at that time because I didn’t need it.

Black Friday Deals – Save with This App

It’s call Black Flyday™ because we’ll all be flying around town looking for deals, but this app will save you some of the hassle by integrating Shopping Teams and Facebook friends to assist in hunting & tracking local Black Friday deals in real time!

Deleting Your Social Media Trail

Feeling a little too out there on the internet, and personal privacy becoming a bigger for you?  Already hackers are are making facial recognition technology available to Google Glasses, even though Google has banned apps or services that enable it. Now may be time to scrap your social media footprint