Picking Grapes

It was the end of summer in Eastern France and my boyfriend Gerome and I were broke as hell.  Between us we had zero savings, zero quick cash prospects, few marketable skills. We needed cash and there was only one thing for it…

Top Family Spring Break Getaways

Spring break isn’t just for college kids. The only questions are warm or cold? Skiing, hiking or beach? Once you’ve got that nailed down, there are great choices for each destination if you start your planning now.

Make Your List & Travel

Now that the holidays have passed and you’ve had a chance to settle in for the year of 2014, why not make good on those New Year’s resolutions. If you added “travel more” to your resolution list, it’s time to make your list.

Honeymoon in Space?

With the holiday season just over, it’s safe to say that many of you probably aren’t occupying yourselves with thoughts of ideal travel destinations to pursue this upcoming year; however, that doesn’t mean you aren’t an avid thrill seekers (or newly engaged) looking to capture sights unseen. And for you, that out of this world adventure you’ve been looking for just may be around the corner

Travel: Barbados & Independence Day

As Americans, we think primarily of our 4th of July, but other countries celebrate independence too. And as the weather starts to chill, why not visit the island Rihanna calls home, Barbados, and celebrate a whole month of festivities in a tropical paradise?

Essentials for a Visit to France

Just having returned from two weeks in France, I thought I’d share with you some things I wish I’d known, some things I’m glad I knew, and some things that surprised me.

10 Top Travel Tips

It’s summer vacation time and maybe you haven’t planed your trip yet or maybe you’re about to depart. For the “Secrets Every Smart Traveler Should Know” we went to Condé Nast Traveler for The Perrin Report to help us get the best deals:

Terranea Resort–Palos Verdes’ Gem on the California Bluffs

I first read about “mythical” Palos Verdes years ago in a bestselling book about a teenage heroine who delves into surfing to bury the heartbreak of a family falling apart. I say mythical because the picture painted by the author of this California coast was incredibly beautiful.

Guy Files: Our Idea of a Vacation

For most guys, vacation is a conflicting thing. First off, we can’t totally relax. Stress about the email the boss sent an hour before we left, a project deadline rapidly creeping up and phone calls we still have to return plague us. But then there’s vacation sex.

Luxury Honeymoon and Vacations

Good news–luxury honeymoon packages provided by the vacation specialists are tailored and customized to cater to the diverse needs of couples and other guests.

Save Money on Vacation Rentals with Lickety Trip

Thinking of a summer vacation and worried that you waited too long to book that house or condo? Fear not. In the most popular vacation destinations, supply outweighs demand. And the closer you get to high season, the more agents and owners are scrambling to fill houses.

Cruising in France
What better way to visit France than on a barge, slowly cruising along, enjoying the scenery. It’s the definition of a true vacation – no land tours to book, no packing or unpacking, no meals to deal with, and everything arranged and coordinated by professionals, down to the food preparation. This is luxury.