The Fashion Wink: Why I Dislike Steve Madden

Steve Madden is known in the world of shoe designers as a copycat brand. I suppose there is some value for those that like the styling of a top label but can’t afford the pricing, so a value brand might be a good option. But when the shoe, bootie or boot is a signature piece from a label and then it comes out by Steve Madden

The Fashion Wink: Puffer Vests

The hottest item for winter is the Puffer Vest, and many stores such as Neiman Marcus, Saks and Nordstrom are selling out of these items almost as soon as they put them up for sale or pre-sale. The upside: finally you can stay warm with down, and still have some figure flattering style. 

Of all the gems in all the world, my heart belongs to sapphires.

The Fashion Wink: Fall Trend – It’s All Academic

Think fall, think back to school, think English tailoring and you’ll be right in line with the top designers that have taken to that academic look for fall. It’s hot, it’s now, and with a grown up p.o.v., it’s sexy.

Ah, it’s back to school time. Even though I have been out of school for years, the school calendar is firmly imprinted on my brain. This time of year will forever feel like a winding down of the carefree days of summer

The Fashion Wink: Adidas Shower Slides

Forget the fact that they came and went (70′s) and then came and went (90s) a few times since their first appearance in 1963, the Adilette slide is back and even more surprising than ever where it’s being seen — by fashionistas and on the runway. What?

The Fashion Wink: Wedge Sneakers

This gym-gone-chic footwear trend has caught Hollywood celebs and fashionistas by storm. Sporty was big on the runways this spring, and this wedge captures everything we love about that look. You get a chunky heel with sneaker comfort, and styling that goes from edgy to casual.

Shoes, Handbags & Accessories This Spring

Prepare To Be Wowed

Bold, fun, influences from around the world (think India, the Middle East, Russia)…accessories that are versatile going from office to a night, sleek black and white contrasts…that’s what’s in store this wonderful spring in the world of accessories. According to one fashion mag,

The Fashion Wink: Spring Trends

Spring, more than any other time of the year, get’s me excited about fashion and what’s in store for warm weather. The options are always greater with skirts, dresses, sandals, shorts coming into play

How to Shop a Bargain Store

The Ten Golden Rules

Last time I went shopping with a non-shopper to help her find something to wear, within five minutes, a mere 300 seconds, I turned back to see my friend nearly catatonic with eyes rolling to the back of her head. 

Playing Favorites

My mother-in-law has eaten the same thing for breakfast for as long as I have known her: European flatbread with avocado and salt. She even travels with it. My five-year-old is equally particular.

What to Look for When Buying Cashmere

The touch, the feel of Cashmere; oh, what a luxurious feeling! The fine texture of the fiber allows the wearer to be warm without looking bulky.