Scanadu Scout – A Lifeline in Your Pocket

Any time you show up to a hospital, one of the first things you encounter is a nurse who’s armed and ready to check your vital signs? You know the drill: “Roll up your sleeve,” “How are you feeling?,” “Are you taking any medications?” “Take a deep breath,” etc. We LOVE our nurses and doctors. But would you feel safer knowing that you had a gadget to check your vitals on hand in case of an emergency?

Heart Disease a Young Person’s Disease?

According to the American Heart Association, over 5 million people die from heart failure every year in the U.S. alone. Bad eating habits, drug addiction or old age may be among the top silencers of these beating beauties, but have you ever considered exercise to be a leading cause in the cardio catastrophe?

The Perfect Breakfast

I recently had the pleasure of a consultation with Gelson’s Staff Dietitian, Jessica Siegel, MPH, RD. For those of you who are shoppers at Gelson’s you might recognize her recipes in the Deli Counter like her delicious Kale Salad or you may follow her online to see shopping suggestions

7 Tips for New Year, New You

With the holiday season coming to an end, many of us are gearing for the New Year. What are we looking forward to and what do we wish to leave behind us? What do we resolve to change and what are we hoping will stay exactly as is? Are we going to revert to the same old resolutions

Are Companies Changing Your Health Care?

Will companies large and small be shifting you to  private health insurance exchanges (different than the government-run insurance exchanges, or marketplaces, that are part of the Affordable Care Act?) According to Bottom Line Personal, not only will that happen in the future, in some places it is already happening.

Teaching Kids Gratitude

Gratitude has a huge impact on quality of life: happiness, satisfaction, optimism and even health benefits. Four our kids this can even lead to better grades, to have better relationships with friends, helps them get better night sleep, improve their immune system, and if they are into sports it’s great for team morale.

Skinny is Geographically Relative

Where you live can definitely affect body image. Martin Tovée, Ph.D., a psychologist at Newcastle University in England calls it your “visual ‘diet.’” Tovée studies how different environments affect our body image and preferences,

Should I Get A Flu Shot?

Last year the flu season was reported as mild, but the year before–those who got the strain, including myself, know it was lingering and severe. Getting a Seasonal Flu Vaccine can help reduce the chance of your getting the flu

What To Do When You Burn

You’d think sunburns would have gone the way of CDs and landlines – extict. But with everything I know about sun damage aging my skin, and even after reapplying waterproof SPF 45 three times, I got a sunburn. 

Diet Review: The Starch Solution

You’ve probably heard about President Bill Clinton changing over to a plant-based diet after his two heart surgeries. And you may have even read the open letters one doctor repeatedly sent to Clinton urging “one of our country’s greatest statesmen” to make a change in diet for better health

The Chronic Pain Chronicles: Part 2, My Life in Ruins

When I was twelve, my sister was suffering from a mysterious illness that very nearly destroyed both her and my family. She had strange symptoms like shooting pain throughout her entire body, migraines, passing out, sleep-running, and seizures. Eventually, we were introduced to Dr. Lonnie Zeltzer who heads the UCLA Pediatric Pain Clinic

Got Milk? Breast Milk Donations Needed

If you’ve ever heard a “She had her baby, but…” story, then you already know how many mothers struggle with unexpected dilemmas post delivery. If you can’t anticipate a problem that you could never physically prepare yourself to solve, what are you to do?