Melt-Proof Makeup Tips

This summer it’s about makeup survival of the fittest, so I’m bringing you all some tips direct from the sultry south.

Makeup: Recycle the Old and In With the New

Big question: what’s the shelf life of makeup? Some products don’t get used up within the expiration time and then others, such as mascara or foundation, a girl can run through them. 

Best New Summer Bronzers: Sun Kiss Me, Baby!

Want that summer glow now, this minute, without damaging your skin? I do and bronzer is the way to go. According to Ricky Wilson, Dior’s celebrity makeup artist, you want to match the bronzer shade to your décolleté area, not your face. “That way,

Guide To A Complete Makeup Brush Set

What would Van Gogh have done if he didn’t have his brushes? No painter or make up artist is complete unless all the brushes are there. And it’s not that you can use just any brush. For proper application of make up, good makeup brushes are needed.

Eyes, Lips & Lashes–Spring 2013

Spring is usually a delicate time in the makeup industry, when pastels and air brushed looks kiss faces in a soft, dewy… STOP. RIGHT. THERE. Not this spring! 2013 makeup comes in a like a lion and stays a lion. No more lambs, girls.

Case Studies: Painted on Thick and Parting Ways

Dear Case,
My friend “Tara” wears too much makeup. I think she is naturally pretty and as her friend, I feel like I should tell her that her heavy hand at makeup application is unbecoming.

Spring Nail Polish Trends 2012

Now, I know there’s a lot of “nail art” trending out there, and florals are huge for spring, but this article is just going to talk about color… all the hot colors to wear this spring.

Gourmand Scents Part 2

“Gourmand” is a term that refers to a category of fragrance based on notes associated with food, particularly scents that have sweet, dessert-like qualities, with aromas of vanilla, chocolate, almond, caramel, rum, honey, sugar, cinnamon, and other spices.

Kevianno’s Top 5 Makeup Tips

Being Dior’s National Makeup Artist and having worked on thousands of beautiful faces, maybe even yours, you keep a few tricks up your sleeve to make your clients positively glow. But my motto is share the beauty, share the knowledge so we can all look and feel our best.

5 Last Minute New Year’s Eve Looks

You’ve made it through Christmas and Hanukkah looking fabulous, now it’s time to get ready to ring in the New Year in style. The next question is where are you going and what’s the dress code? 

Teens and Makeup. A Mom’s Perspective

From the time we’re little, nearly every girl dreams of the day she can wear makeup. It starts when we see our mother apply lipstick for the first time, and suddenly, all we can think about is getting our hands on that glorious tube of Estee Lauder red.

More from National Dior Makeup Artists – Kevianno Guerrero

Kevianno is not only the West Coast Dior National Makeup Artist, but he is also one of the weBEgirls skincare and makeup experts. You may only know him from his writing here, but with 15 years of experience behind him, and having done runway, editorial, celebrity red carpet, product launch events and more