It’s not hard to find research that touts the amazing benefits of a meditation practice.  Proven benefits include: anti-aging, weight loss, peace of mind, increased focus, lower blood pressure, etc.  The list goes on and on.  Would you like to experience these benefits?

How Important is Taking A Real Lunch?

If you’re like many women, you sit at your desk and work while eating lunch, or you skip it altogether. As stress levels rise at the work place, could it be because only a third of us take a lunch break?

I Am Not My Mistakes

We all make mistakes. It’s how you react to the mistakes you make that makes the difference. Do you “wake up” or “shut down”?

Let’s just put it out there that I made two, in my mind, major mistakes this weekend that will cost me money.

Fight Diabetes with Google Smart Lenses

Do you or someone you know struggle with diabetes? According to the International Diabetes Federation, approximately 24 million people live with diabetes in the U.S. alone.

Why January Shouldn’t Be The “Weight Loss” Month

I hate January for two reasons: the weather sucks and all of a sudden everyone is clammering to get in shape and diet to a “new me.” Every Tom, Dick and Harry (or Jill, Jane and Mary)  goes cold turkey on all those wonderful things that made December so much fun. Meals and free time are now devoted to diet and exercise.

One Month to Sochi Winter Olympics

2014 marks the first time the Russian Federation will host the Winter Olympics, and not since 1980 have they hosted any Olympics at all. As we look to see which athletes will make the US Teams, we also look to see which political ideologies will come front and center to the world’s attention as well.

7 Top Exercise Trends for 2014

As we look at another year of torture to improve strength, conditioning, body weight and muscle mass–and the idea of another session filled with dumbbells, medicine balls, thick ropes, sandbags, sledgehammers, sprints, intervals and more brings on an impending sense of doom and failure…fear not.

7 Tips for New Year, New You

With the holiday season coming to an end, many of us are gearing for the New Year. What are we looking forward to and what do we wish to leave behind us? What do we resolve to change and what are we hoping will stay exactly as is? Are we going to revert to the same old resolutions

Surviving the Holidays—Really

Yes, it is that time of year, folks. Time to be jolly, eat tons of food and spend money. Woo hoo – bring it on! As soon as we see those costumes and candy for sale at Target – we know that the turkey paraphernalia and Christmas push is upon us.

Are Companies Changing Your Health Care?

Will companies large and small be shifting you to  private health insurance exchanges (different than the government-run insurance exchanges, or marketplaces, that are part of the Affordable Care Act?) According to Bottom Line Personal, not only will that happen in the future, in some places it is already happening.

Teaching Kids Gratitude

Gratitude has a huge impact on quality of life: happiness, satisfaction, optimism and even health benefits. Four our kids this can even lead to better grades, to have better relationships with friends, helps them get better night sleep, improve their immune system, and if they are into sports it’s great for team morale.

Reflexology and the Solar Plexus

The Solar Plexus reflex is sometimes thought of as a huge energy source with a mysterious physical body part associated with it. As it turns out… it’s both. Also known as the Celiac Plexus, the Solar Plexus, is a complex network of nerves (a plexus).