7 Top Exercise Trends for 2014

As we look at another year of torture to improve strength, conditioning, body weight and muscle mass–and the idea of another session filled with dumbbells, medicine balls, thick ropes, sandbags, sledgehammers, sprints, intervals and more brings on an impending sense of doom and failure…fear not.

7 Tips for New Year, New You

With the holiday season coming to an end, many of us are gearing for the New Year. What are we looking forward to and what do we wish to leave behind us? What do we resolve to change and what are we hoping will stay exactly as is? Are we going to revert to the same old resolutions

Do You Gyrotonic?

Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis? What the heck is that? Celebs with hot bods like Madonna, Jennifer Anniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman and even top of their game athletes like Tiger Woods are doing it. I can tell you that I too was completely in the dark when I did my first workout session

Five Nutritional Blunders You Don’t Want to Make

It is amazing to me how often I see women (and men!) come and spend two whole hours in the gym, five days a week and still have the same body that they have had for years. I am the General Manager of Crunch in Los Angeles and have been working in gyms for over fourteen years,

Why Every New Mom Should Hire a Trainer

Extra baby weight. I thought I could get rid of it. It would never happen to me. I would schedule jogging stroller trips with my newborn and iPod in between breastfeeding and doctor visits.


For lucky new moms living in New York City, there is Strollercize, an hour-long boot-camp-style class held over twenty times a week in various parks including Central Park and Carl Schurz Park, that incorporates strollers and the babies in them.

CrossFit and Body Trash Talk

You may have noticed pictures of men and women doing CrossFit cropping up with increasing frequency in the last two years, as well as articles about the benefits of the practice and still others about some health concerns about the high-intensity exercise.

Get Into Shape With FitBit Flex

We’re a few weeks away from spring and thoughts of “bikini shape” may be creeping in, but lingering winter blues may have your energy flagging. There’s help out there to keep you on track.

Yoga: In Plain English

Ah…yoga. I am Indian. I am supposed to know everything about yoga. My parents grew up in India and have been practicing yoga for their whole lives. They even teach it in Connecticut. But yoga and its different types have baffled me for years.

WARNING: Workout Are Not One Size Fits All!

When I worked out in college, I pretty much just sped walked on the treadmill and copied what all the other girls I thought were in shape were doing. Once out of college, when I was doing the actor thing, I thought I should get a personal trainer

The Guy Files: The Grind Is The Glam

“We have inherited an incredibly beautiful and complex garden, but the trouble is that we have been appallingly bad gardeners. We have not bothered to acquaint ourselves with the simplest principles of gardening.

Running in the Cold: An Inexpensive & Smart Way to Stay in Shape

Here we are, in the middle of fall, with the leaves turning and that crisp, cool air signaling that we can basically run any time of the day without having a heat stroke. It is a welcome climate in the Midwest