One Month to Sochi Winter Olympics

2014 marks the first time the Russian Federation will host the Winter Olympics, and not since 1980 have they hosted any Olympics at all. As we look to see which athletes will make the US Teams, we also look to see which political ideologies will come front and center to the world’s attention as well.

The Guy Files: Superbowl Edition

Sunday is the Super Bowl. Women make up 44% of the fan base, but what if you’re one of the 56% of women who aren’t fans? You’re probably going to get dragged to a Super Bowl party, and you won’t know what to do. Relax. I’m here to help.

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Confessions of a Long Distance Runner

At the end of my freshmen year of high school, I was left feeling a little lost. My school has a sports requirement, and I knew I needed to pick a fall sport for the upcoming year. I had played on recreational soccer teams my whole life, so when entering high school I didn’t hesitate to try out for the soccer team. But after one season,

Even NASCAR Drivers Get Sexually Harassed

And Nothing Comes of It – Typical

If you don’t know who Danica Patrick is, she’s the face of GoDaddy, Tissot Watches, and the most winning woman in a sport dominated by men…car racing. And “winner” is right, as she is the only woman to ever have won the IndyCar Series

It’s Just a Game

The Penn State Jerry Sandusky scandal has been all over the news. One of the things I couldn’t help but notice in the TV coverage of this story is everyone insisting this scandal was not about football,

IndyCar Driver’s Death Hits Home

When you see the footage and hear the concerns of the drivers before the race all you can think is “What the f!” Having worked at NASCAR for four years, I can’t think about the death of 33-year-old driver, Dan Wheldon, without getting choked up. This shouldn’t have happened.   

Guy Files: Not a Fantasy Team

Football is back.

Ladies might not be aware of it, but men certainly are. There are four kinds of porn for men: food, booze, sports and well…actual porn.

The Best Rated Hiking Shoes

When it comes to hiking – shoe comfort, support and performance are key. According to Backpacker magazine, these are the top shoes in each light catagory that have been field tested on all terrains.

I Went Snowboarding

I have always been a quasi-tomboy, skateboarding my way through adolescence while attempting things other girls my age couldn’t conceive of.

Superbowl Light

You know we’ve come a long way baby with American Football when French Master Chef, Eric Ripert of La Bernadin in NYC, is suggesting what to cook for Superbowl Sunday. Hint: it ain’t nachos, chili and sliders.

Chicago FBI Aids Search for Guess What…

A Missing Hockey Puck!

Hey Chicago criminal element, time to get busy because unless you stole a puck, FBI eyes are focused elsewhere.