Dorm Room Decorating Ideas DIY Style

It’s time for you and roomie to figure out your decor style for the upcoming year or change up that tired, old look from last year…. But like every other college girl, you need to do it for basically nothing, it needs to be campus regulation, i.e. no nails in the wall, yada yada yada, and it needs to be fabulous.

DIY Ideas to Light Up Your Yard

With summer in full swing, now’s the time to get to those last honey do items and spruce up your outdoor space and get ready for warm nights hanging out with friends. Rather than going the costly, ho-hum route of string lights, why not go for some beautiful DIY ideas?

How To Choose Art For Your Space

Selecting art for your home/office/space can sometimes be a daunting task. It is often an accessory that is not of major priority and can be expensive to boot. However, art doesn’t always have to be expensive. In fact, there are many affordable options

Make Your Happy Place

The world is such a hostile, hectic place. Everyone is rushing around, trying to get ahead in the nine-to-five rat race for the higher paying job, to beat the line at the nearest Starbucks,

Make Your Inner Space Match Your Outer Space

Take a moment and look at your surroundings. If you’re at work, is your desk organized and clear, ready to tackle the tasks for today? Or is it littered with papers and food wrappers?

6 Dorm Room Must Haves

Moving into college or back in again after summer can leave you missing some of the comforts of good ol’ home. Here’s six must have items that will make life easier as you hit the books this upcoming school year.

The Lazy Shoe Organizer

When it comes to shoe organization, I’m in a world of chaos.

The Many Wonders of Bean Bag Chairs

Change they say is the only permanent on earth. You might have noticed the many changes our world has gone through after all these years–be  it in the world of business, media, technology and even education. Furniture is no exception to this.

Fans with Style

If you’re one of the unlucky ones that don’t have central air conditioning in your home or apartment and you don’t want your average, run of the mill table, floor or ceiling fan mucking up your tasteful decor, then here’s a few designs that look cool while keeping you cool.

Felt Pillows: A Super Simple Way to Liven Up The Joint

An easy way to add pop to a room is to accessorize with pillows. It can instantly change and brighten your furniture like a good piece of adornment on a dress. I recently made my own pillows out of felt because I wanted to customize the design to my taste. You can do just about anything with this stuff using colors you choose and templates you create. Although I sewed my graphic felt designs onto the pillow fabric, you could just glue it using fabric glue. When I was done, I went snooping around the Web to see what else was out there and gathered some fantastic examples as inspiration for you to make your own. Or, if you can’t be bothered, you can just buy them.

To-Do List: Pillows

I usually work backwards, or at least in a powerfully non-linear way. I have had two pillow inserts for YEARS now, waiting to be embellished with pretty decorations. I don’t necessarily need more pillows around the place, but it bugs me that these things have just been sitting there, adding to my to-do list. So off I went looking for fabric only to find nothing suitable for the very specific idea I had in my head – something red, maybe with florals, without being too girly or frilly. Solution: make my own design using felt. Brilliant! I love this product because it is inexpensive and needs no extra sewing to keep the edges from fraying.