Do’s and Don’ts of Online Dating

It has been years now since online dating has taken the internet by storm, being THE Hot Spot for singles looking for love. If you have been disappointed in the old school way of dating, then online dating is the way to go.

It seems like there’s always some celebrity couple making the headlines of so-and-so cheating on so-and-so. Then along comes the requisite talk about men and monogamy. Or rather the apparent lack thereof. Is infidelity inevitable? Can men be monogamous?

When Do I Tell Him How Many People I’ve Slept With?

When entering a new relationship many people want to know when they should share information about their sexual history?

Guy Files: Skip To The “Bang”

We’re all so different, this is true. But have you ever wonder how guys look at a situation? I’m going to break one down for you today, I call it “The Bang.”

Ask John: My Boyfriend Has Baggage and More!

Dear John,
My current boyfriend is super amazing. I really love him. He has a long history of relationships that weren’t the healthiest or ended really badly. I know because he’s told me about this. A lot

Out of Your League

A friend recently revealed to me, “Everyone has leagues! Just accept your spot and get used to dating within them.” Stink eyes and pssshaws ensued.

Ask John: Tight Fits And Mini BBWs….

Dear John,
I’m dating this guy and every time we have sex he tries to get out of wearing a condom. He says it’s “uncomfortable.” What does that mean

Ask John: Help! My Man Is All Over Me! Constantly.

Dear John,
I have a problem. My man is horny. All the time. He literally can’t keep his hands off me. Ever. He’s always ready, willing and able, and expects me to be too. I like “naked time” as much as anybody

Ask John: Help! His Best Friend is Driving Me Nuts!

Dear John,
I love my man but I hate his best friend. He’s such a crass jerk and he brings out the worst in my man anytime they hang out, and my boyfriend’s jerky behavior lingers on for days, long after his friend’s last visit

Ask John: Trophy Wives, Toilet Seats & Other Mysteries…

Dear John,
I’ve seen a lot of men married to stable, loving wives up and leave their family. The worst part? He leaves his wife for someone  who isn’t even half as attractive. I just can’t understand it

Guy Files: Vows That Wow

More and more couples these days are opting to write their own wedding vows. This can strike fear in the hearts of many men. But how does a man write wedding vows that wow?

How To Have A Crush When You’re In A Relationship

My last article on how to have a crush was geared toward the single ladies out there. But guess what? Crushes happen to everyone, even those–gasp!–in long-term relationships. I spent the better part of a decade attached to a man