It seems like there’s always some celebrity couple making the headlines of so-and-so cheating on so-and-so. Then along comes the requisite talk about men and monogamy. Or rather the apparent lack thereof. Is infidelity inevitable? Can men be monogamous?

Guy Files: Skip To The “Bang”

We’re all so different, this is true. But have you ever wonder how guys look at a situation? I’m going to break one down for you today, I call it “The Bang.”

One Night Stands – Still Taboo?

Today called “hookups” by college students throughout the U.S., a recent study reveals that 85% of your average twentysomethings have had one or more. In fact, in many instances, that’s how relationships begin today. That one night stand was pretty fun

Gender or Sex?

I am currently teaching several classes of high schoolers whose native language is not English. The other day, while were discussing cultural perceptions of beauty, I paused and asked them if anyone could tell me the difference between ‘gender’ and ‘sex’.

Ask John: Sex Toying Around & Not the Marrying Kind

Dear John,
I’m all about the sex toys. They are the only way I can seem to “make it happen” for me. I got into them when I was between relationships and now I’m in one!

Ask John: Alarm Clock Wars and Alternate Routes

Dear John,
My boyfriend uses his cell phone as an alarm clock but he picked a ringtone that goes “f*@%, f*@%, mother mother f*@%” over and over. I do not like being woken up


I live by two key principles in my life: 1) stay connected no matter what. 2) Ask for 100% of what you want 100% of the time, and stick around to negotiate the difference. When I introduce these two simple principles to couples, they look at me a bit askew.

OM and True Nourishment

A movie came out last year, Hysteria, which chronicled the invention of the first vibrator by a medical doctor. There was a time in American history when doctors cured what they described as hysteria with pelvic massage. Believe it or not, it was a medical treatment.

The Secrets of Slow Oral

I am going to start full on right out of the gate. I was thinking about why I am so passionate about this subject and it came down to a somewhat embarrassing story. But here goes…

I Believe

It struck me that there are certain beliefs that are normative that I simply don’t hold. And others that are not, that are primary in my life.

Guy Files: Bride To Be V2

So you’re still getting ready for that big day, right? That mythical, May/June wedding of the future just got a lot closer to being a reality. It’s almost upon you, are you ready? Fitness-wise? The good news is if you’ve created a workout plan


Perhaps I should confess. Sitting across from each woman – I am in silent prayer.

Please God, let it be that she is totally, utterly, completely consumed. By something. Anything. Okay, maybe not sugar or shopping. But let it be that this woman in front of me – this intelligent, put together, gorgeous woman