Honeymoon in Space?

With the holiday season just over, it’s safe to say that many of you probably aren’t occupying yourselves with thoughts of ideal travel destinations to pursue this upcoming year; however, that doesn’t mean you aren’t an avid thrill seekers (or newly engaged) looking to capture sights unseen. And for you, that out of this world adventure you’ve been looking for just may be around the corner

Of all the gems in all the world, my heart belongs to sapphires.

Cute and Easy Wedding Hairstyles for Little Girls

Choosing the right wedding hairstyle for your little girl is a huge decision. Not only do you need to pick a style that will look sensational, but you must ensure that it is practical as well. Young girls do not always sit still for long

Guy Files: Vows That Wow

More and more couples these days are opting to write their own wedding vows. This can strike fear in the hearts of many men. But how does a man write wedding vows that wow?

Guy Files: Bachelor Party Confidential

So what happens at a bachelor party? You’d like to know wouldn’t you? You’re in luck. I’m here to spill the beans. According to the “man laws” this is an offense punishable by death so I will be going off the grid at the completion of this article.

6 Tips For Avoiding Wedding Day Regrets

You’ve planned your butt off, and now the big day is here. What advice do former brides offer so you won’t have any regrets on your wedding day?

Guy Files: Bride To Be V2

So you’re still getting ready for that big day, right? That mythical, May/June wedding of the future just got a lot closer to being a reality. It’s almost upon you, are you ready? Fitness-wise? The good news is if you’ve created a workout plan

6 Top Wedding Music Trends for 2012

With just about everyone having their own iPod and playlists galore, today wedding music has become more unique and personal to the bride and groom. Music is such a key element: what the bride walks down the aisle to, recession songs as the new couple leaves the church,

Guy Files: Fit to Tie the Knot

Today is the 18th, four days after Valentine’s Day. And it’s safe to say many of you went from girlfriends to fiancés. Many of you are planning a June wedding. I know you’ve spent a lot of time dreaming about that wedding dress, which is great. There’s just one thing….

Case Studies: Swelling Guest Lists and A Gift Too?

Dear Case,
My fiancé and I are getting married in the fall and my folks have graciously offered to foot the bill. We have envisioned an intimate affair with close friends and family but my mom keeps adding to the guest list

Wedding Flower Trends 2012

Wherever fashion goes, there goes flowers. Good news for the modern bride who wants her bouquet and flower arrangements to be an extension of her vision for the day. Many things can create a mood, but flowers bring life and beauty to the occasion, whether it be vintagey, bright, green, romantic or unconventional–all trends in the new year.

What I Would Have Done Differently: Wedding Tips from Former Brides

Bouquet toss or no bouquet toss? Pictures before or after the ceremony? Buy that perfect – and pricey – wedding dress or save your money for the honeymoon? These are just a few of the many decisions brides must make before their big day.