Relationships are difficult things and romantic ones are even more tenuous. They need constant maintenance, coddling, reassurance, a sense of security, and encouragement in order to flourish, but most will still die, usually in awful ways that typically involve lots of screaming and the burning of pictures.

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas DIY Style

It’s time for you and roomie to figure out your decor style for the upcoming year or change up that tired, old look from last year…. But like every other college girl, you need to do it for basically nothing, it needs to be campus regulation, i.e. no nails in the wall, yada yada yada, and it needs to be fabulous.

Becoming a Bat

Last night, it became apparent to me that I am becoming a bat. Unlike previous people who made similarly fantastic transformations, I haven’t been violently orphaned or bitten by a radioactive anything. I just am slowly turning into a bat.

Torture in Two’s and Three’s

As students, we are forced to endure many evils at the hands of our teachers, but no torture is as horrendous and painful as the group project. Whether or not you get to choose your partners, there is always at least one slacker who does not do anything

The Polar Bear Plunge

For millennia, people have admired, even worshipped water for its purity and cleansing powers. To be washed in water is to be born anew in some eyes. It has the power to wipe away your sins, your misgivings, the thoughts you can’t bear to think. You can start over fresh and rejuvenated.

Zombie Apocalypse Now!

The weirdest thing I’ve ever done in science class was document the effectiveness of a plastic bag at keeping apple slices from getting mushy… until my teacher decided to have us create survivability statistics for a zombie apocalypse.

Teaching Kids Gratitude

Gratitude has a huge impact on quality of life: happiness, satisfaction, optimism and even health benefits. Four our kids this can even lead to better grades, to have better relationships with friends, helps them get better night sleep, improve their immune system, and if they are into sports it’s great for team morale.

Vroom Vroom

There is nothing more terrifying than learning to drive. Retraction: I can think of about a thousand things that would make a new driver wet their pants, but this is the only one that I’ve experienced

When You Wish Upon A Star

There are two types of people in this world: those who lead and those who follow. Those who lead have ambition and strive to elevate their place in the world. Those who follow are satisfied with sitting in their parents’ basements getting stoned and eating Taco Bell until Judgment Day.

The Start of Something New–Summer Resolutions

It seems like school just ended and here it is 4th of July. But not January–the beginning of a new year. And while everyone makes a big deal about New Year’s Resolutions, teens are more worried in December about finals and trying not to go bankrupt while buying Christmas presents. So, instead

The Teen Scene: Summer Boredom

Lots of teenagers are just out of school and have all this free time, and once the excitement of summer vacation passes, they won’t know what to do with it! I don’t know how many times last summer I texted my friends saying “ I’m bored!” Suddenly, the things you love to do on weekends are become a drag.