The wedding plans are made and you’re sporting a beautiful ring – all is perfect with the world. Hopefully. But, your friend Alexandria just told you her husband just left her and is asking for half of her house in the divorce agreement. Wow! That’s not very nice! She worked really hard to buy the house before they were married. Should you ask for a pre-nup?

Paychecks & Debt

Do you ever wonder where your money goes? Seems like salaries are so much higher than take home pay and it’s such a tragedy. The following is excerpt from the novel,“Flirting with Finance,” which explains (in a very fun way) what is really going on with your paycheck and more…

Case Studies: My Hubby Spends Too Much

Dear Case,
I have been married for 10 years. With the gift giving season upon us, my annual anxiety over our financial inequality has kicked in. Every year, my husband showers me with holiday presents that are thoughtful and extremely generous.

Labor Day: Changing Our Attitudes

Alan Uke on Huff Po writes about Labor Day…

“125 years ago, the very first labor day holiday was celebrated in the state of Oregon. Seven years after that, in 1894, it became a national holiday, born on the back of the burgeoning labor movement

Investing in More Than Stocks and Bonds

Have you ever considered investing in other asset classes than stocks and bonds? I think we should all have a diversified portfolio, and while stocks and bonds are important, there are other investments to consider.

GOLD: What the Fuss Is and Why You Should Take a Look at It

Or 10 Reasons You Should Buy a Gold Necklace

Ah! The beauty of the luster of Gold – dense, soft, shiny, and it will always keep its bright yellow color. But, not only is Gold beautiful,

7 Tips for Splitting the Bill

I love joining people for lunches and dinners. Meeting new friends, and sharing food and wine is one of the divine pleasures of life! But, when the bill comes it can be a real headache.

The Best and Worst Things to Buy in August

Tips from DEALNEWS

While efficient bargain shopping is often dictated by the economic tide, many merchants faithfully follow certain annual sale trends. Better understanding of these trends means a steady stream of savings for consumers.

Unmaried Couples and Financial Security

A few years back, a friend of mine was breaking up with a long time boyfriend and she found herself on the short end of the financial security stick with the house they bought together that was in his name.

Don’t Loan People Money If You Expect It Back

I work from home most of the time and sometimes I catch myself flipping through all the daytime TV shows and every now and then I’ll stop on one of those court TV shows. You know the ones—Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown, etc.

SUMMER SPLURGES –When it’s okay to spoil yourself!!

Summer is in the air, and it’s time to dig out that bikini and enjoy the warm weather.  I know I’m always encouraging you to save, but this summer let’s live a little and laugh our way through those sunny afternoons and evenings…

Couples in Conflict

How Are Our Soldiers Faring Financially?

Our military personnel are returning home from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to their families, friends and workplaces. The time away is always stressful – it’s hard enough to keep families together these days,