Have You Met Perfect?

By Diane Driscoll February 19, 2012 10:00 AM
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Have You Met Perfect?

Finally, I can let go of trying to be perfect because purrfect has arrived. That is Purrfect the Cat, companion to superstar Cee Lo Green. After appearing on The Voice and even” tweeting”, Purrfect may soon be the biggest name to come out of this season’s talent pool with Cee Lo even calling the feline his “secret weapon”.

According to a  recent article about Purrfect, the cat ”has become a star in his own right, drumming up a Twitter following of over 15,500 fans, and over 2,500 ‘likes’ on Facebook. Cee Lo’s furry friend has posted a series of hilarious comments to his fans, and has even been seen exchanging tweets with his owner’s rival coach, Adam Levine.”

The Maroon 5 singer wrote a message on his Twitter page that popped up on screen during the show, “Arm wrestling Cee Lo wouldn’t go well for me. However, I’m pretty sure I could take the cat. It’s on @PurrfectTheCat.” Like Pacquiao vs Marquez, Cee Lo thinks HBO should have the exclusive deal on this fight and is currently in negotiations with the premium cable television network and Levine’s people.

Perhaps though Purrfect is just trying to paper over the cracks of his celebrity life pressures. Recent tweets reveal that “it’s not easy being purrfect,” in spite of “being gorgeous all over.” Purrfect does offer some insight into his beauty regime – power naps in “Papa’s lap”, but is napping enough? It wasn’t for Lindsay Lohan or Macaulay Culkin. We do hope that Purrfect doesn’t head into the ”RED ZONE of insane exhaustion” like friend @ChelseaTalksSmack. What would Cee Lo and the fans doif  this feisty feline follows in the footsteps of the likes of Demi Moore hospitalized for similar “exhaustion”?  (Where do celebrity cats go when they need R&R? Cee Lo should build his own Kitty Betty Ford just in case?)

All we can say is please don’t go the way of that dangerous mix of catnip “whip its” and ”tiger blood” you may find floating around Tinsel Town… no matter how bad things get on The Voice and Christina advising “garish over-singing and off-putting celebrations of self.” And if you feel a meltdown coming, head immediately to Golden Bridge for some Kitty Kundalini Yoga!