Guy Files: Staycation Destinations

By John Siscel April 22, 2012 08:30 AM
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Guy Files: Staycation Destinations

With times being what they are, not everyone can afford to take a weekend getaway, let alone a big vacation. Here are some in house getaway ideas.

Option #1:

Spa packages: many luxury hotels in your own home city have luxurious and relaxing spas. Normally, they are quite dependant on tourists and vacationers, but since less people are taking vacations, these spas are less busy and that means there are deals to be had. For you and yours.

There isn’t a lot that is more relaxing than the idea of a his and hers (or his and his or hers and hers) day of pampering, relaxing and distressing at the spa. Many have great deals, so call them and ask about any specials they have in your area. Sure you may have to go at an off time or during the week, but who says relaxation has to wait till the weekend?

Option #2

Happy hours are your friend. Happy hours are cheap, yes, this much you know. But have you gone to a bar or restaurant outside your comfort zone? Probably not. And as a result, you’re missing out. Pull out a map of your town. Figure out what part of town you never go to, for whatever reason. Then go online and find somewhere interesting to go and check out. You will discover things you didn’t know before about your home town and you’ll start to become a tourist in it. Then you won’t be worried about the fact that you can’t afford to go other places, because you’ll already be too busy exploring your own town! You won’t care about exotic destinations.

Option #3

Farmer’s Markets and Swap Meets: If you can’t buy it at a farmer’s market or swap meet, it’s probably illegal to buy or sell. And even then you can probably still get it there. Farmer’s markets and swap meets are like snowflakes, no two are alike. Each has it’s own flavor and personality and feel, as well as it’s own unique set of vendors. You could get lost in each. Time will fly by as you take in the sights and the sounds of these unique events. The people watching is amazing. In LA, people watching has been elevated to an Olympic sport, but even if you live in Madison Wisconsin, or anywhere else, you’ll be amazed with how many interesting characters you’ll see both working the markets and walking around them. You’ll get fresh food for cheap and amazing items you can’t find anywhere else. But bring cash! They don’t take plastic.