Hello Kitty for the Post-Kindergarden Crowd

By Cavan Sieczkowski September 4, 2011 08:06 AM
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Hello Kitty for the Post-Kindergarden Crowd

Hello Kitty is typically marketed towards customers between the ages of two and twelve, in the United States. Its best-selling items range from earrings to school supplies to huggable pillows, lamps, and rugs.

These days Hello Kitty is looking to expand it’s horizons and offer products for the more seasoned buyer, who does not drink out of juice boxes or take 2:00PM naps (we hope).

Hello Kitty is furthering its footwear prowess by launching a collection with Twenty10, making Twenty10 the exclusive designer of Hello Kitty branded women’s footwear.

The site currently has previews of the shoes that will be available, but the line will not be launched until the release of the Holiday 2011 and Spring 2012 collections.

This is not the first shoe venture Hello Kitty has made. Currently Hello Kitty has a line of sneakers with Vans.

For its 50th Anniversary, Sanrio, the Japanese company that owns and produces the Hello Kitty character, is offering Hello Kitty shoes for adults (with matching ones for your toddler as well). On the Sanrio website, the section dedicated to adult shoppers features products such as jewelry, purses, and figurines. And all cost a pretty penny. One pair of drop earrings with pink Swarovski crystals sells for a cool $245.00.

Sanrio was established in 1960 and rakes in billions of dollars each year. The company focuses on products in the “kawaii” or “cute” segment of Japanese culture.

But Hello Kitty is without a doubt a staple in global pop culture. Lady Gaga helped Hello Kitty celebrate her 35th Anniversary by posing in kitten garb – a Hello Kitty plush doll dress, Hello Kitty button shoes, and a diamond Hello Kitty belt.

Lady Gaga has not been the Kitty’s only collaboration. Sanrio, Softbank, and Sharp recently teamed up to create a Hello Kitty-endorsed smartphone. The company also joined forces with Swarovski to create a playful collection of jewelry, accessories, and figurines.

Paris Hilton is publicly known as a Hello Kitty fan. Other celebrities seen toting the Sanrio icon include Katy Perry, Kimora Lee Simmons, Hilary Duff, and Charlize Theron.

This is one cat that really gets around.