Ode To A Scrunchie

By Julie Matzaganian May 16, 2012 06:00 AM
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Ode To A Scrunchie

I’m about to admit something that will risk my reputation as a stylish woman. But too bad…I simply have to pay tribute to a hair accessory that in my opinion has gotten a bad rap.

Ladies, I’m talking about the Scrunchie.

WAIT. Before you wrinkle your nose, hear me out here.

The Scrunchie came back into my life during a recent trip to the beauty supply when I spied a lonely little basket of them off in a corner. As if being pushed by a force greater than myself, I picked one up and put it in my basket. Why? Maybe I was reliving my college days, when I had a head of large curly hair most 80’s hair bands would kill for. Maybe I was just having a bad hair day. Who knows.

At the register the salesgirl flashed me a look… so I looked back at her like “don’t judge me honey, you’re the one selling them.” Two dollars later, a little bundle of black fabric filled with elastic was mine.

That evening while washing my face, I grabbed it and twisted my long hair up into a wonderfully messy bun and had a hair epiphany. They’re soft, don’t pull your strands and as any girl with long tresses will tell you, are the greatest for quickly getting your hair off your face and neck.

I’ll let you in on another secret – it is the ultimate tool for preserving a good blow out. Tie your hair loosely on top of your head while you sleep and not only will you not wake up with “dent head” your hair will have great volume.

It’s practical and comfortable, yet nobody wants to wear one in public. It’s like a fanny pack for your head.

I think the social stigma was solidified when Carrie in Sex and the City dissed Berger for having his main female character wear one in his book. Still, Carrie admitted to wearing one while washing her face at night…hmph. Ironically, all it would have taken was her wearing one down 5th avenue to make it a fashion sensation.

So there – my un-hip little hair secret is out in cyber space for all to see…but I feel a weight has been lifted. And even though I have no plans to purchase one to match every outfit, I KNOW there are other women out there with one sitting in their drawer they can’t part with. If so now is the time to come clean –

Hi, I’m Julie, and I own a Scrunchie.

Hi Julie…

Top image of Catherine Zeta Jones wearing a scrunchie via babble.com