Vanity Insanity

By Mitzi Druss October 19, 2009 06:10 AM
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Vanity Insanity

Okay so you have a sorta date/hanging out and doing some writing at a coffee shop with a guy you have a crush on who seems to be interested in only having a fling because a few years back you dated his brother. (Okay, maybe this isn’t you but stay with me here.) Your goal:  to look amazing without looking like you really tried (surely sometimes this is you!) and of course, win him over with your dazzling wit/charm and inability to put out unless in a committed relationship.

The former is the probably the easiest to attain and what I can definitely help you with so let’s start there.  If you keep the eyeliner and mascara light, what I recommend for a natural look, the only decision to be made is lip color.   How do you dazzle without looking like you put in any effort (were playing hard-to-get here after all)?  I have a few faves in this category.


The most natural is something called Dr. Kiss by Vanity Mark and it’s available at  It really only lightly stains the lips to a deeper version of their own natural color which makes them look like you have great circulation.  It also makes the lips really moisturized and soft and they taste like mint vanilla without a goopy feel or a lot of shine (attention makeup artists this is an ideal product for men too.)  I wear this to the gym or anywhere else I want to look like I have nothing on.

Chanel GlossimersWhen I want to kick it up just a notch, Chanel Glossimars are my favorite and I have 2 colors in my purse at all times.  The texture is lighter than lipstick but not sticky like a gloss with no grittiness that almost all of the glosses with glitter have in them.  They look and feel great and best of all last like a lipstick!  The color Imaginaire is like a berry sheer tone with some beautiful shimmer so it is a great cute and perky/hip day look.  The other, and coincidentally my go to color,  (I am wearing this right now as I sit next to Mr. X and write about him…he has no idea!) is Blizzard.  This one is still natural but definitely the most visible of the bunch.  It’s a lip tone with a slightly pinkish shimmery frost that makes the lips look sexy wile still being understated.  It also makes my skin look tanner.   I wear this alone or I can transform it to a glamorous evening color by using a lip liner as a base color all over the lips (Chanel Nude/ Stila #4/ Mac Spice or bargain buy Wet and Wild 666 at just 99 cents) for when that hang out coffee date turns into bringing me roses, taking me to a romantic dinner and getting to make mad passionate love to me as my evil plan has worked!! (This is a lot to ask of a lip gloss I realize.)

So until then my beauty seeking friends (and believe me I hope to report “then” happens very soon) never forget it is always better to be remembered as pretty on the outside.  I will do my best to help.  Have a flawless day webegirls readers!

Mitzi Druss is a television, film and print makeup artist with 18 years of experience. She has worked on Oprah Winfrey Network, The View, Chelsea Lately as well as multiple makeover shows both on and off camera. For more information about Mitzi Druss including celebrity clientele please visit her website at