If You Don’t Protect Your Hands Now You’ll Hate Yourself Later

By Diane Driscoll January 29, 2013 06:00 AM
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If You Don’t Protect Your Hands Now You’ll Hate Yourself Later

It’s my hands and not my face that give away my age and it sucks. Why…because I protect my face religiously but often forgo the hands. As a result, my skin isn’t as taut as it used to be, but in the past year I’ve really stepped up my hand game and it’s helped. Here’s a few tips to protect your hands now.

This may be the age of dishwashers, but we all wash pots and pans. Two words – rubber gloves, a must. I know it seems old fashioned, but I could kick myself for not using them years ago. I use Casabella pink ones from Bed Bath & Beyond. They have a 100% flock lining which not only feels good, but also allows you to use really hot water to get your dishes super clean without burning yourself. I just got my sister some over the holidays and she was won over by them too.  You can pick them up for $5.99 at any BB&B store.


And if you want some super cute cleaning gloves, check out Glovables in every color you can think of.  I know it’s not time for spring cleaning but don’t these yellow ones just make you happy?

Gloveable - yellow

Harsh chemicals from cleaning, especially bleaches used in the bathroom, are not good for your hands, let alone those manis we spend all that money on. Protect your hands and let your man see you totally adorable to boot…there’s something irresistably girly about cute rubber gloves!  Rock out to some music he loves as you clean and you’ll be his dream girl 4-ever.

eucerinYou probably don’t realize how often your hands are in the sun. Eucerin is what my dermotologist (Dr. Saperstein, world famous) recommends for me as an everyday protectant body lotion with an SPF of 15. This lotion is also recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation. It’s non-greasy with protective moisturizers, and anti-oxidant enriched with Vitamin E to help protect from free radical damage.  You can pick it up at any drug store.

If you wash your hands often like I do (a no-brainer in this flu season) then you are stripping them of moisture, so moisturizing once in the morning isn’t enough. I keep hand lotion on my desk and reapply as needed.

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Lotion is the number 1 selling skin cream in Japan with vitamin E and B12 and has become a hit over here too. Don’t be put off by the camphor smell, that goes away quickly but leaves your hands so soft. You can get it at Sephora for $25 a jar.

clarins11I know people rant and rave about L’Occitaine hand cream but it doesn’t do it for me. I prefer Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream. It leaves your hands silky soft and reduces the appearance of wrinkles plus strengthens nails.

Of course, if you “let it all go” and the time comes for hand plastic surgery (oh, it’s out there under the name of “rejuvination”) take solace in laser treatments to reduce age spots, fat injections to plump up that skin, and skin tightening so your hands don’t sag! No joke…it’s the new trend and at $300-$3,000 a pop, maybe the better way to go is to just take care of your hands now.