By Cate Henry April 22, 2013 10:47 AM
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For lucky new moms living in New York City, there is Strollercize, an hour-long boot-camp-style class held over twenty times a week in various parks including Central Park and Carl Schurz Park, that incorporates strollers and the babies in them. Elizabeth Trindade, a personal trainer turned dancer, said the idea for her company was born in 1990, soon after her daughter’s birth.

“I had wide hips and flabby arms and I was miserable,” recalled Ms. Trindade, now 52 and the mother of three. “Since I didn’t have child care and was desperate to get fit again, I found a way to use my stroller to get a workout that had me sweating.”

She leads her students through moves like front and side kicks, which use stroller handles for stability, and a walking lunge sequence that requires pushing the stroller for extra resistance. Women even use their babies as weights when doing dead lifts.

Lancey Gandy, 32, of the Upper East Side, decided to try the classes in April after traditional gym sessions weren’t helping her lose the weight she gained while pregnant with her son, who’s now 7 months old. She said she had lost 10 pounds from her five-day-a-week sessions. “I feel confident enough to wear a bikini this summer,” she added.

Offering both pre-natal and post-natal workouts, has an online map and schedule of when the classes take place. For fitness instructors, there’s a page on the website where you can get certified to teach these classes in your city. And for mom’s in other cities, why not pick up the book from Amazon and gather a few new friends from your Mommy and Me class and get out to a local park and Strollercize together!

Here’s a video to get you started: