Felt Pillows: A Super Simple Way to Liven Up The Joint

By Aneg Verdone October 19, 2009 07:21 AM
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Felt Pillows: A Super Simple Way to Liven Up The Joint

An easy way to add pop to a room is to accessorize with pillows. It can instantly change and brighten your furniture like a good piece of adornment on a dress. I recently made my own pillows out of felt because I wanted to customize the design to my taste. You can do just about anything with this stuff using colors you choose and templates you create. Although I sewed my graphic felt designs onto the pillow fabric, you could just glue it using fabric glue. When I was done, I went snooping around the Web to see what else was out there and gathered some fantastic examples as inspiration for you to make your own. Or, if you can’t be bothered, you can just buy them.


1. Balanced Design has a whole line of eco-friendly textiles that are too great! This Eggs/Lime Pillow sells for $135.00.

2. La Rue sells on LoooLo for $125-$250.

3. Alex also just stumbled upon this amazing felt appliqué while making pillows as birthday gifts. Fan Flower Trio by Alexandra Ferguson. Contact for pricing.

4. I’m not generally a fan of buying super, mass-produced products but these are way cute and come in three different colors. The Carmen Teal Pillow: $49.95 from Crate & Barrel.

5. Isla Corbett does more than just make pillows. Her nature inspired beauties can be found on her site and are priced upon demand.

6. Have pillow, will travel. This one hails all the way from the UK by designer Rebecca Barton and sells for £70 at Cushlab.

7. Hello Up There Bird Pillow by dedeetsyshop sells on Etsy for $26. Tweet!

8. Dewbells , also by Alexandra Ferguson, is priced upon demand.

9. Another one from Etsy but how can you resist when they have such an amazing array of artists. The Modern Garden Pillow by majkatree sells for only $38.

So, are you a make it or buy it kind of girl?