Best in Storm Award

By Hurricane Barbie November 9, 2011 10:32 AM
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Best in Storm Award

Remember the woman wearing oven mitts, waist deep in water, cleaning out the street drain in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene? She was awesome!! A true ‘Hurricane Barbie’ and I wish I could find her and give her the “Best in Storm Award”. I’m pretty sure she was in New Jersey – does anyone know her? She recognized the city/county/state was tapped out of resources and jumped into help with the resources she had at hand. Making sure the drains are not blocked to get excess water off the streets and into the drainage systems is so important. We applaud her!!! And we applaud all the other “Hurricane Barbie’s” that we didn’t see.

With so many natural disasters occurring in our country the last few years, it’s more important than ever to be aware of the limits of your local government. They can’t be everywhere and do everything. There have been 69 natural disasters so far this year, FEMA is strapped and we are all going to need to pitch into help. As I talk about in ALL my blogs, make sure you and your families are always ready with two weeks supply of disaster preparedness – as anyone can tell you who has lost power: be ready it can happen without warning.
I’d love to hear from you about anyone who went above and beyond helping during and after the storm, earthquake, haboob, wildfires and everything else being thrown at us!

Of course, Hurricane Barbie also has to give a “Worst in Storm Award”. This award goes to those who do really dumb things during and after natural disasters. I vote for this award to go to the Dad who took his two children jet skiing in a swollen river that was flooding in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. What was he thinking?!? They could have been killed and did have to be rescued by helicopter – HUGE expense to the government and ultimately to their neighbors.

Please let me hear from you about friends, neighbors and family who used the resources they had at hand to help keep make their neighborhood get through the storm, earthquake, haboob, wildfires, etc. and aftermath easier. They might win the “Best in Storm Award”, or ouch!, the “Worst in Storm Award”.

Wishing you sunny, warm days and crisp nights,

Hurricane Barbie