Ask John: How To Train Your Cub and Other News…

By John Siscel December 18, 2012 08:10 AM
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Ask John: How To Train Your Cub and Other News…

Dear John,
I am dating a way younger guy (I’m in my 30’s, he’s in his 20’s). Is that wrong? I feel kind of well, weird about it.

Dear Cougar?,
It’s only “weird” or “wrong” if you think so. If an older guy dates a younger woman, no one blinks. Why should it be any different for women? Enjoy it and don’t feel bad. Other people may have issues with it, but that’s their problem. There may be drawbacks, but there are certainly advantages to dating younger men. Remember what Madonna said about younger men: “they don’t know what they are doing, but they can do it all night long.”

Dear John,
My girlfriend is acting really obnoxious to everyone and anyone. Our mutual girlfriends and I are wondering how we get her to stop doing it. Any suggestions?
-Friend of a friend

Dear FoF,
I would say figure out why she might be engaging in this behavior. If it’s an acute act or series of acts, maybe something is going on in her life. Divorce, job issues, money problems can cause people to act out. If this is the case, try and help her through it and she should come back to normal. If she’s always been like this, well, that’s on you. Why complain about her now if she’s always been this way?