Case Studies: My Coworker is a Copycat

By Casey Benson April 12, 2013 08:00 AM
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Case Studies: My Coworker is a Copycat

Dear Case,
My coworker and I often discuss upcoming sales and discounts from our favorite retailers. But, it seems I have a copycat. Recently, I purchased a pair of shoes and she asked me where to find them and she had the same pair on the following day! It happened again with a handbag. But, the last swoop has me steaming. Oftentimes, I sell items on eBay to make extra money. I found a great deal on some products at a local discount store that I can resell for a profit. Stupidly, I mentioned this plan to her and she declared that she intended to do the same thing! I used to be all about sharing information, but her attitude has me clamming up. Am I overreacting?
- Copycat Coworker

Dear Copycat,
While copping your style is unbecoming, your coworker demonstrates that replicating your good taste is easier than finding it herself. Case agrees that a copycat is annoying and it can be frustrating to tolerate, but your actions are the only things within your control. Your coworker is intrigued by your plans as a home retailer, so try to reason with her. Explain that the two of you will be in competition as separate vendors for the same product and suggest another product that may work just as well. If she shrugs you off and continues with the bidding war, there is nothing more to do than zip your lip at the sight of the next sale, or great idea.

Dear Case,
My boyfriend has a wicked sense of humor. He is incredibly sarcastic, and I usually shrug it off and even laugh along with his banter. But lately, his prickly side is over the top. His “jokes” seem nastier and I’m not sure if I am just being sensitive or he is exposing his true colors.I want to be a good sport and believe he doesn’t mean any harm, but maybe his snide humor is telling me that he doesn’t care about my feelings, or worse, he wants to break up with me.
- I forgot to laugh

Dear Forgot,
As a branded smart ass myself, Case’s first instinct is to extend your beau some latitude. He probably thinks his remarks are funny and does not mean any harm. Although it is unlikely his motive, he may still be inadvertently hurting your feelings. It’s your job to tell him your line of comfort and how much sarcasm you are willing to tolerate. As you know, the longer you are in a relationship the more comfortable you become with sharing the real you with your partner. So, Case would bet that he is just a wise guy that wants to poke fun, not break up. If after the talk of comedic differences he remains unchanged, then perhaps he is more concerned about his acerbic knee-slappers than for your feelings.

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