Ask John: Tight Fits And Mini BBWs….

By John Siscel April 20, 2013 10:00 AM
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Ask John: Tight Fits And Mini BBWs….

Dear John,
I’m dating this guy and every time we have sex he tries to get out of wearing a condom. He says it’s “uncomfortable.” What does that mean
– Confused

Dear Confused,
When a guy says a condom is “uncomfortable” it means one of three things:
1. He’s allergic to latex
2. It’s the wrong size
3. He’s trying to trick you into having unprotected sex

The first two are easily addressed by a quick trip to the local sex shop or pharmacy. The third one you can’t correct. It’s true, it’s a lot more pleasurable for a guy to have sex without one, but it’s also a lot more dangerous for all parties, especially you. If you’re not married or in an exclusive monogamous relationship, condoms are a must. Period. If he’s not okay with it, then he’s not okay with you.

Dear John,
I used to be extremely overweight. I hit rock bottom, and long story short, I lost the weight, all 120 pounds of it. I’m literally half the woman I used to be! I look great and I’m dating this really hot guy, way hotter than I ever thought any boyfriend of mine would be. Anyway, it’s getting kind of serious and I’m really concerned about how to bring up my plus sized past. Will he freak out? What do I do?
- Mini BBW

Dear Mini BBW,
What do you do? Nothing. Don’t deny your previous size situation if it arises, but don’t bring it up. Bringing it up is about as useful as telling him how many lovers you’ve been with. He’s not going to do a background check on you. He’s not going to go through old family photo albums (unless you force him to do that – don’t.) If it does come up, highlight how you feel about taking the weight off and keeping it off. That is a huge accomplishment and something you should be proud of.

It sounds like you’ve got a really good thing going. Don’t come up with reasons that it could go wrong. Do what you can to make it go right and just enjoy the ride. If he loves you, he will love all of you, past and present.