iBeacon: Apple’s New Indoor Tour Guide

iBeacon: Apple’s New Indoor Tour Guide

Have you ever walked into a superstore on a Saturday afternoon in hopes to find that last minute ....read more

The Art and Science of Landscape Design

The Art and Science of Landscape Design

When you spend time outside observing nature, you notice the delicate balance and harmony between....read more

Life’s a Beach: Summer in a Bottle, Part 1

Life’s a Beach: Summer in a Bottle, Part 1

Every year, nothing makes me happier than the start of summer. Life becomes simpler and more relaxed....read more

Becoming a Bat

Becoming a Bat

Last night, it became apparent to me that I am becoming a bat. Unlike previous people who made simi....read more

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Zombie Apocalypse Now!

The weirdest thing I’ve ever done in science class was document the effectiveness of a plastic bag at keeping apple slices from getting mushy… until my teacher decided to have us create survivability statistics for a zombie apocalypse.

Sunrise Calendar App

This year, don’t be a victim of the unorganized chaos surrounding your ever growing schedule. It’s 2014 girl and it’s time to let your calendar work for you.

Why January Shouldn’t Be The “Weight Loss” Month

I hate January for two reasons: the weather sucks and all of a sudden everyone is clammering to get in shape and diet to a “new me.” Every Tom, Dick and Harry (or Jill, Jane and Mary)  goes cold turkey on all those wonderful things that made December so much fun. Meals and free time are now devoted to diet and exercise.

Movie Review: Her

Landing in the genre of soft sci-fi, Spike Jonze’s latest offering goes wide today with outstanding word of mouth giving it momentum. Set in the not too distant future of Los Angeles, the film, through Jonze’s idealized yet smoggy lens, opens much like a lotus, “the most beautiful flower, whose petals open one by one…

Chromecast Review

For the low $35 price point, every home that doesn’t already have Apple TV or Roku or should consider one, or maybe even purchase one for use with another TV set. There are a few differences between the devices that may affect your choice, depending upon your needs, and here’s an overview:

Make Your List & Travel

Now that the holidays have passed and you’ve had a chance to settle in for the year of 2014, why not make good on those New Year’s resolutions. If you added “travel more” to your resolution list, it’s time to make your list.

Honeymoon in Space?

With the holiday season just over, it’s safe to say that many of you probably aren’t occupying yourselves with thoughts of ideal travel destinations to pursue this upcoming year; however, that doesn’t mean you aren’t an avid thrill seekers (or newly engaged) looking to capture sights unseen. And for you, that out of this world adventure you’ve been looking for just may be around the corner

The Fashion Wink: Why I Dislike Steve Madden

Steve Madden is known in the world of shoe designers as a copycat brand. I suppose there is some value for those that like the styling of a top label but can’t afford the pricing, so a value brand might be a good option. But when the shoe, bootie or boot is a signature piece from a label and then it comes out by Steve Madden

Superpowers–We All Have Them, Sort Of

My life is full of delusional, magical thinking. And with it comes certain powers that I have to be very, very careful of. Take the mustache. In the realm of liking all things funny, mustaches are high on my list. Some of them are f-ing hysterical–case in point the handlebar. I defy you to look at a guy sporting one and not literally laugh at his face. There’s all kinds of magic going on there.

Makeup: Recycle the Old and In With the New

Big question: what’s the shelf life of makeup? Some products don’t get used up within the expiration time and then others, such as mascara or foundation, a girl can run through them. 

One Month to Sochi Winter Olympics

2014 marks the first time the Russian Federation will host the Winter Olympics, and not since 1980 have they hosted any Olympics at all. As we look to see which athletes will make the US Teams, we also look to see which political ideologies will come front and center to the world’s attention as well.

Happy Hour Drink of the Week: Cucumber Martini

For all of you who’ve made a New Year’s resolution to “eat better”, here’s a cocktail recipe that can have you drinking better too. It’s spicy twist of lining the rim with chili-lime powder will have you smacking your lips with this cool as a cucumber martini.