Happy Hour Drink of the Week: Flamingo

Happy Hour Drink of the Week: Flamingo

Here's another great cocktail from ....read more

Personal Trainer for Your Face

Personal Trainer for Your Face

If you don't have one--boy, are you behind the curve. Sure, you've done your daily squats and lunges....read more

Pineapple Mango Habanera Salmon

Pineapple Mango Habanera Salmon

A few years back up in Napa, my mother bought a jar of Pineapple Mango Habanara. I couldn't remem....read more

iBeacon: Apple’s New Indoor Tour Guide

iBeacon: Apple’s New Indoor Tour Guide

Have you ever walked into a superstore on a Saturday afternoon in hopes to find that last minute ....read more

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Perfect Every Time Turkey Gravy

Forget about lumps, this is a no fail gravy taught to me by a chef from the Four Seasons Hotel in NYC. He cooked his gravy right in the pan that he had roasted his turkey in, but you can make this in a pot too. The bay leaves and the fresh thyme add a depth of flavor, but it’s the cooking of the roux until it’s toasty that makes this brilliant.

Butternut Squash & Cauliflower Soup

This soup is fantastic. And seriously the hardest thing about it is peeling and cutting the butternut squash–buy that already cubed and you’re almost done. The original recipe called for garam masala spice, but as I didn’t have it on hand, I opted for massaman curry paste. Massaman curry was picked as #1 in CNN’s 50 Best Foods of the World.

Happy Hour Drink of the Week: Red Hot Santa-tini

The latest trend in chocolate has been to infuse a little heat, so why not do that with a favorite cocktail–the martini? This decadent Holiday drink ups the luxe level with Godiva liqueur and whipped cream. Perfect for any gathering with friends and family this time of year, they’ll get a nice, little kiss on the lips

Surviving the Holidays—Really

Yes, it is that time of year, folks. Time to be jolly, eat tons of food and spend money. Woo hoo – bring it on! As soon as we see those costumes and candy for sale at Target – we know that the turkey paraphernalia and Christmas push is upon us.

Shrimp Mousse Appetizer

A mold?! I know. But I have been looking for this recipe for years and finally came across it. I went to a few holiday parties in the neighborhood I grew up in back in the day, and they used to serve this delicious dip. I asked my friend for the recipe, but he always said it was a family secret. Well, the secret is out and I’m sharing.

Of all the gems in all the world, my heart belongs to sapphires.

Caviar Nails – Perfect for the Holidays

Black or white or both! This lux manicure puts pearlescent micro beads on your nails for a look that is festive and upscale. Introduced by Ciaté, a British nail art line, you can purchase at many beauty supplies or online at Amazon for $19.95.

Movie Review: Frozen

Coming in this weekend at #2 in the box office, it shows you just how strong the Disney Animation brand is for the holidays, because judging by the trailer, you have no idea what the story is nor any sense of whether your kids will love it. But love it they do, boys and girls alike.

Boxed Wines: Bad or Good?

A lot has changed and improved in the bag-in-a-box (BIB) wine industry since the first box was introduced by an Australian company in 1965. Before the taste was not comparable to bottled wines, but today boxed wines give a certain segment of wine producers a run for the money

Black Friday Predictions

Two words–Black Friday–instills fear in some and excitement in others. It’s a bargain hunters dream and a shoppers nightmare. Timing is everything, and this year here’s what top sites around the web predict what’s in store for us in 2013:

Are Companies Changing Your Health Care?

Will companies large and small be shifting you to  private health insurance exchanges (different than the government-run insurance exchanges, or marketplaces, that are part of the Affordable Care Act?) According to Bottom Line Personal, not only will that happen in the future, in some places it is already happening.

Stuffing vs. Dressing

So which is it? Well, traditionally, if it’s stuffed inside the bird it’s stuffing and if it’s baked outside it’s dressing. But that also changes as to where you are geographically: in the south it’s dressing no matter where it’s cooked, and in New England it’s stuffing