Pineapple Mango Habanera Salmon

Pineapple Mango Habanera Salmon

A few years back up in Napa, my mother bought a jar of Pineapple Mango Habanara. I couldn't more

iBeacon: Apple’s New Indoor Tour Guide

iBeacon: Apple’s New Indoor Tour Guide

Have you ever walked into a superstore on a Saturday afternoon in hopes to find that last minute more

The Art and Science of Landscape Design

The Art and Science of Landscape Design

When you spend time outside observing nature, you notice the delicate balance and harmony more

Life’s a Beach: Summer in a Bottle, Part 1

Life’s a Beach: Summer in a Bottle, Part 1

Every year, nothing makes me happier than the start of summer. Life becomes simpler and more more

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Butternut Squash, Sage, and Parmesan Pasties

There’s a great website called and every recipe on it’s pages looks and sounds delicious. This is one that is sure to become a seasonal favorite for all of you butternut squash eaters. Filled with hearty vegetables, it’s perfect for appetizers or paired with a soup for dinner.

Teaching Kids Gratitude

Gratitude has a huge impact on quality of life: happiness, satisfaction, optimism and even health benefits. Four our kids this can even lead to better grades, to have better relationships with friends, helps them get better night sleep, improve their immune system, and if they are into sports it’s great for team morale.

Black Friday Deals – Save with This App

It’s call Black Flyday™ because we’ll all be flying around town looking for deals, but this app will save you some of the hassle by integrating Shopping Teams and Facebook friends to assist in hunting & tracking local Black Friday deals in real time!

Reflexology and the Solar Plexus

The Solar Plexus reflex is sometimes thought of as a huge energy source with a mysterious physical body part associated with it. As it turns out… it’s both. Also known as the Celiac Plexus, the Solar Plexus, is a complex network of nerves (a plexus).

Skinny is Geographically Relative

Where you live can definitely affect body image. Martin Tovée, Ph.D., a psychologist at Newcastle University in England calls it your “visual ‘diet.’” Tovée studies how different environments affect our body image and preferences,

Deleting Your Social Media Trail

Feeling a little too out there on the internet, and personal privacy becoming a bigger for you?  Already hackers are are making facial recognition technology available to Google Glasses, even though Google has banned apps or services that enable it. Now may be time to scrap your social media footprint

Travel: Barbados & Independence Day

As Americans, we think primarily of our 4th of July, but other countries celebrate independence too. And as the weather starts to chill, why not visit the island Rihanna calls home, Barbados, and celebrate a whole month of festivities in a tropical paradise?

Laura Mercier Moisture Mist Review

I’ve tried a lot of toners and misters with little effective results, but when a friend gave me Laura Mercier’s Flawless Skin Perfecting Moisture Mist, I became a believer. There is a place in my beauty regime for mists. This product was created to provide a surge of hydration and prepare the skin

Glow Stick Balloons

What a better way to decorate for Halloween than with glow sticks. Kids love ‘em, they’re cheap, you can get them at your local drug store, and these decorations will take less than 30 minutes to decorate a room or outdoors. You can blow them up yourself, or go to a local balloon store and inflate them with helium and bing bang boo, you’ve got a party!

Happy Hour Drink of the Week: Goblin Screwdrivers

Having a Halloween Party and looking for that one special cocktail to serve that both tastes delicious and looks wickedly tempting…look no further. This drink is a classic, but with the twist of black vodka, such as Bladvod.