Scanadu Scout – A Lifeline in Your Pocket

Scanadu Scout – A Lifeline in Your Pocket

Any time you show up to a hospital, one of the first things you encounter is a nurse who’s more

Hosting An Easter Egg Hunt

Hosting An Easter Egg Hunt

Planning an Easter Egg Hunt in your yard or neighborhood, seems easy peasy, but with a little more

Torture in Two’s and Three’s

Torture in Two’s and Three’s

As students, we are forced to endure many evils at the hands of our teachers, but no torture is as more

How Important is Taking A Real Lunch?

How Important is Taking A Real Lunch?

If you're like many women, you sit at your desk and work while eating lunch, or you skip it more

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Indy Rock Band The Dig Interview

Yes, they’ve opened for The Lumineers and Portugal, The Man. Yes, they are four hot guys from Brooklyn. Their second outing, 2012′s album “Midnight Flowers” established them firmly in the indie world with raw and soulful lyrics and sound. With their new EP, “Tired Hearts”, weBEgirls thought it was time to sit down with the boys and introduce them to you. 

Thomas Keller Bat Oreo Cookies

Okay, a recent study of Oreo Cookies found that in rats they are as addictive as cocaine…of course they activate the pleasure center! They’re delicious! And this Halloween recipe by renown chef Thomas Keller takes them from merely delicious to spectacular. Wahahahaha…make them if you DARE…

Turn Your Bed Into a Smart Bed with Beddit’s Sleep Tracker App Device

Do you wake up in the morning ready to take on the world? Do you hit the floor singing and dancing and running the halls like a 5-year-old sugar ridden kindergartener on her way to recess? Do you rip open the curtains and shout to the world, “Get Ready for Me World!

Do You Focus on What You’ve Lost?

If you do, you’re not alone. It’s called “sunk-cost” and we are genetically hard wired to think that way…until now. Sunk-cost “refers to any cost (not just monetary, but also time and effort) that has been paid already and cannot be recovered.

Trending Halloween Costumes for 2013

It’s going to be a wild and wacky year for costumes. Duck Dynasty? Sharknado? Expect to see some of these homemade costumes put together. Then there’s the old standbys of superheroes and Disney characters that always seem to trend. But currently selling out at all the stores is the Miley Cirus VMAs costume

10 Monsters You Didn’t Know Were Hiding Under Your Bed

Werewolves, vampires, witches, oh my! With all the monsters running around, razors in your apple are the least of your worries this Halloween. And the scariest part, there are hundreds of thousands that the average person doesn’t even know about.

Kale and Potato Au Gratin

Kale is a trending food of late because of it’s enormous health benefits (high in iron, vitamins K/A/C, full of powerful antioxidants and full of omega-3 fatty acids) and delicious taste. Add that to the comfort of potatoes with equally impressive health benefits when not fried (full of iron, vitamins C/B6 and lots of fiber) and you have a hearty and healthy fall dish. Here’s two approaches to the same dish:

Revenge Porn Outlawed

If you’re going to Facebook some indecent pictures of your ex and his privates, think twice–California lawmakers made it illegal. The bill, which takes effect immediately, states that posting identifiable nude pictures of someone else online without permission is a misdemeanor

Breaking Bad Finale Reviews

“Just get me home. I’ll do the rest.” -Walter White. That’s what creator Vince Gilligan did last night. He got us home with a fantastic season finale.  Spoiler alert: Walter White

Happy Hour Drink of the Week: Autumn Bellini

This takes a favorite of gals all around, and gives it fall flavor with mulled cider and a splash of fig vodka. Like the traditional Bellini, this drink is made with Italian Prosecco. First created in Venice, the drink was named after an artist from the city, Giovanni Bellini. The sweet, almost honeyed taste of the fig goes great with the sparkling wine and mulled cider.

Backseat Driving Driving You Crazy

It’s a pet peeve of mine and I’m in the majority. Most people are annoyed by backseat drivers, and it’s shocking that those who continue to do it seem to be oblivious that it’s on the manners no no list. A recent poll by says spouses are the biggest culprits

The Fashion Wink: Fall Trend – It’s All Academic

Think fall, think back to school, think English tailoring and you’ll be right in line with the top designers that have taken to that academic look for fall. It’s hot, it’s now, and with a grown up p.o.v., it’s sexy.